Monday, November 9, 2009

Around My World Begins

This being the third blog I have engaged in I thought it might be time for something a little more free form than I have created in the other two blogs. This one is more in the present tense and with any luck at all will not be tense either, but sometimes I do get stressed. I seem a bit more conscious of that these days.

The events that made me think I might want to do something that was more in the present moment were last weekend, on Saturday to be precise.

I went shopping at Berkeley Bowl as I often do for my fresh vegetables and fruit and I like to eat a lot of fruit, but that's not what this is about. At Berkeley Bowl they have some really good values in a sale corner where they bag up the items they think don't have the best appearance. They aren't spoiled necessarily, but cosmetically don't look as nice as the regularly priced ones. They may also be over stocks that they need to move on before they spoil too. They put them in a bag for a dollar. I make smoothies out of the fruit so I'm not so fussy.

This time there were these bags of cucumbers and huge compressed bricks of salad mix. A dollar each. They were so cheap I decided to do something I've never done before. I decided to feed the homeless some salad.

I bought a couple of pounds of regularly priced tomatoes for another dollar or two and finished my shopping.

In the garage in the basement I was feeling pretty good about myself and I started whistling a passage from Beethoven's Violin Concerto which I really love. As I was putting my groceries in my car a woman stopped her car behind me and through the open window said how pretty the whistling was. I was terribly flattered and told her so. She then said she whistled classical music too and I was so completely stunned I didn't even think of giving her my card, but I certainly wished I had. She was nice looking too. Sigh.

Any way, the next day I made two huge bowls of tossed green salad and a put them in five different half gallon tubs I have from all the yogurt I eat, made some oil and vinegar dressing and put it in another cottage cheese container, labeled it all, got ten plastic forks and put it all in a bag and walked up to the park nearby where I live that seems to usually have a crowd of homeless people and laid it all out and walked away. They seemed to be genuinely thankful.

I need to do more things like this.